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Frequent Questions

How do you charge?
We are "fee only," meaning that our only compensation comes directly from you, not from a third party such as a bank, brokerage firm, or insurance company. This allows us to provide you the most objective advice possible. It also means that we can consider an unlimited number of investment products and planning strategies to select the best ones for you.

At the beginning of each relationship, we perform a variety of necessary consultative and administrative tasks for which we charge a non-recurring "inception fee." Our standard inception fee is $5,000, but could vary for complex circumstances or unusual work.

Afterwards, for ongoing financial planning and investment management, we charge a flat annual fee, payable quarterly and computed as a small percentage (1% or less) of the investments we are supervising for you. The minimum fee is $5,000 a quarter.

Do you receive any fees based on investment products you recommend?
No, we receive absolutely no compensation for any investment recommendation, which means we are free to select products for you based on their merits alone.

Do you receive referral fees when you refer me to other advisors?

No. When we recommend other advisors such as accountants, attorneys, or insurance specialists to assist you, we receive no payment for the referral.

Will you charge me an extra fee to consult with my tax advisor or attorney?
No. In most cases we consult with your other advisors and will even attend meetings with you as part of our normal retainer fee. We are happy to do so, since this allows us to make sure your other advisors have a complete picture of your finances and enables us to help coordinate their work with each other.

Can I hire you on a limited-engagement basis - for example, to perform a retirement analysis or review my investments?
We do not offer this type of service. However, after speaking with you, we will try to provide referrals to other advisors who may be able to help.

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