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Recent Issue


May/June 2019
The Importance of Breaking Good Habits

March/April 2019
A Custom Retirement Plan is Not a Math Problem
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January/February 2019
The Most Difficult Thing in the World
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November/December 2018
Don’t Look Back
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September/October 2018
A Market In Search of a Story
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November/December 2017
Stocks Are Up, Is Now a Good Time to Invest?

March/April 2017
Are You Ready For a World Without Cash?

November/December 2016
A Rally, Yes, But a Trump Rally?
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June/July 2016
Moving Money Across Time
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January/February 2016
With Investment Data, Begin With the End in Mind

November/December 2015
When It Pays to be Self-Absorbed

June/July 2015
The Morality Tale of Market Booms & Busts
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March/April 2015
There's No Time Like the Present – That's the Problem
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January/February 2015
Resisting Temptation

July/August 2014
What Historical Snapshots Can't Tell Us

January/February 2014
The Seeming Inevitability of History

October/November 2013
Talking To Parents About Money – First Things First
Talking To Parents About Money – The Nuts and Bolts
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August/September 2013
Vacation, Vacation Disaster (Who Knows How Narrowly Missed?)

June/July 2013
How Bond Investors Miss the Forest for the Trees
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March/April 2013
What Will Replace Retirement?
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January/February 2013
More Is Not Better When Watching Portfolio Results
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November/December 2012
Blaming the Markets
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July/August 2012
Considering the Alternatives

May/June 2012
Resisting the Obvious
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November/December 2011
Thinking, Fast and Slow

September/October 2011
Steve Jobs' Foolish Optimism
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July/August 2011
A Tale of Two Companies – Apple vs. Borders Books
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March/April 2011
Why Has The Stock Market Continued to Rise?
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January/February 2011
Perception Becoming Reality in the Municipal Bond Market
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November/December 2010
The Modern Persistence Hunt
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September/October 2010
When Risk Shows Up, Returns Often Follow
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July/August 2010
A Prophet of Doom Speaks – Should We Listen?
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March/April 2010
The Perils of Customers Who Are Not Clients
From the BFA Blog
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January/February 2010
What We Can Learn From Toyota
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November/December 2009
Slow Investing
From the BFA Blog
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September/October 2009
Betting On More Than One Future
From the BFA Blog
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July/August 2009
Is It Real, Can It Last?
From the BFA Blog
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May/June 2009
A Tale of Two Funds
From the BFA Blog
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March/April 2009
Why Investing Is Simple But Not Easy
From the BFA Blog
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January/February 2009
Right Forecast, Wrong Strategy
From the BFA Blog
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November/December 2008
Weathering The Storm
From the BFA Blog
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September/October 2008
Margin of Safety
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July/August 2008
Release Your Inner Skeptic
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May/June 2008
Oracle of Omaha vs. Wizards of Wall Street – The Big Bet
Short-Term Portfolio Performance – Toxic Information
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March/April 2008
2008 – Tough Start
Antidote to Panic – Investment Policy
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January/February 2008
The Financial Markets of 2007
What To Do About A Recession?
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Selected Archives
March 2007
Prime Time For Subprimes

February 2007
Whether To Squander Your Youth Or Retirement

January 2007
2006 - The Year In Review
2007 - What Is Ahead?
BFA Notes

June 2006
The Late Great Saudi Stock Market Bubble
Time For A Little Market Timing?
BFA Notes

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